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helps territories, communities, organizations and people to improve in the areas of sustainability, social development and democratic innovation.
Our perspective integrates considerations from strong sustainability; just ecological transition; a new culture of the territory; social equity; deliberative, direct and profound democracy; theories of systems, networks and organizations; etc
Main values from which we work, and which are reflected in what we do and how we do it, are: mutual aid, authenticity, impact, balance, applied creativity and responsible joy.
Our trainings are action-oriented, rigorous and adapted to different profiles and needs. With our involvement, experience and knowledge, we guide you in learning and promoting new forms of transformation.
We offer guidance and technical consultancy to organizations that need to develop strategies, plans, projects, studies, reports, participation processes...
We promote various forms of expression and dissemination of new cultural values ​​and practices: publications, exhibitions, artistic installations...

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has the legal form of non-profit cooperative. The benefits obtained from its activity will be used to improve the working conditions of the people involved, improve ongoing projects or open new lines of work.
We are a team of people with various disciplinary backgrounds and experience in real transformation projects from various roles (public administrations, private companies, academia, political responsibilities, social movements...).
Do not hesitate to contact us: info@amcoop.org